Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Turmeric harvest

I had 2 medium-sized pots with turmeric growing in them. The tops started to turn brown and dry up. So I decided it was time to check whether I had successfully grown turmeric.

Here is the haul.
Mind you, I still have one big pot to go. So it will be interesting to see what I will find there.

Anyway. Not too bad for a first time turmeric grower, I'd say.


Kate said...

That's great to see because I have just got some turmeric and will plant it out this spring....looks like we could be in business. It is amazing what we can grow here isn't it!

Crazy Mumma said...

Hi there,
It's really interesting to see what you got out of a pot - I grew it in the ground this year for the first time, but had decided to grow it in pots this year, but now I'm not so sure! Each of my rhizomes in the ground were huge when I pulled them - what size pots did you have yours in?

Veggie Gnome said...

Wow, what a great harvest! I'd stick to growing them in the ground, after seeing your haul. Or at least most of it and do a trial run in a big pot.

Thanks for sharing this link. Now I'm going to try and grow some in the ground, too.

The big pot was about 40cm wide, so pretty big.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience! :)

Crazy Mumma said...

Oh wow, 40cm is pretty big and about the size I was thinking of using... Hmmmm, that's got me thinking! Thanks for sharing :-)

Cheers, Julie