Thursday, 21 August 2008

Sow, sow, sow the seeds...

... of tomatoes, capsicums, chillies and eggplants.

This is an experiment. The seeds in this box are cold-tolerant tomatoes.
The box is filled with a layer of pulverised cow manure and a thick layer of grass clippings. Then a layer of good potting mix. The grass clippings should heat the box from the bottom up.I cut out the bottoms of square punnets to divide the box in sections. Stick the label in each section and sow the tomatoes. Cover with a thin layer of potting mix. Then cover the box with a window pane. That should protect the seeds from the cold and give them some warmth on sunny days.
The more conventional way of sowing seeds early.Fill little pots with good potting mix or seed raising mix, sow seeds (approximately 2-5 seeds per pot), cover thinly, label. Put in your seed box. I do not use punnets anymore as they take up too much room for just a few seeds. This way I can sow quite a variety of seeds and still only use 3 seed boxes like this. They are now inside beside the heater.


Anna's Spot said...

Wow, you just amaze me. I wish I had a gnome thumb like you. Of course I live in the desert and it isn't fun to grow stuff here like it was when I lived in Canada. We had seasons like planting and harvesting :) Have a great one.

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks, Anna! Can you grow anything at all? I'm not familiar with deserts, hence this question.
Take care :)