Sunday, 9 September 2007

What's that?!

Nice, juicy grass for the sheep? A great weed patch? An experiment in companion planting? Weeds + ??

All shall be revealed after an afternoon of serious weeding.
2 gnomes, 1 patch and tons of weeds. Hours later... Tadaaaaa!
It's the Asparagus patch! The companion planting experiment worked very well. The spears poking out of the patch had not been attacked by the slugs and snails.
Ps.: What's really galling is that we mulch this patch very heavily every autumn/winter. And every spring we face the same sight as above! There's this really nasty creeping weed with thin underground roots that spread everywhere. It's impossible to get rid of it.

Anyway. That was yesterday's adventure. (Well, a part of it.)

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