Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A strange morning

'Oh, look! A fox! Wonder what it's doing? Let's watch it!'
5 sheep and a fox'I'm not sure about this. I'm getting out of here.' thinks the fox. 'Let me die in peace!''Not so fast, matey! Let's swoop on you first!' guffaw the magpies.
'High Noon' at Gnomesville!
The stand-off continues. Let's bring in the big buggers!

Disclaimer: no sheep were harmed in the process of taking these pictures.
The fox hasn't been seen for a while.

Second disclaimer: I feel rather sorry for the fox. It's young and it has obviously eaten one of the thousand odd baits that Forestry SA has placed in the forest behind.


Anonymous said...

Great photo opportunity! While foxes are obviously a big problem, baiting is such a slow death, and sad. Here is Tasmania, we have a mega million dollar fox eradication program and in actuality, not one live sighting has been made. So we have forests full of poison and droppings that resemble fox scat.

Veggie Gnome said...

Cosmic, I actually thought you didn't have ANY foxes in Tasmania.

It is a cruel and slow death. Even though foxes are a menace around here and I would hate to lose any livestock to them, I feel sad that they have to die in such a way.