Thursday, 6 September 2007

Orchard extension is filling up

There are only a few empty spots left in the orchard extension. I have been busy planting fruit trees in the last few days. 2 Tamarillo, 1 Kumquat, 1 Eureka Lemon, 2 Nectarines (both in the same hole) and 3 figs (2 Malta Black, 1 White Fig). Plus each of the figs have one pollinator fig in the same hole. I will squeeze in more figs as I have decided to espalier them. This ensures that I can plant a few more in-between the ones I just planted.


Nina said...

Hi, how's the sheep? I can see them admiring your garden in the background. They must be dying to get their hands on those delicious flowers and herbs that sprouting your gardens!!! :))

Mad Gnome said...

The sheep are fine. Same as usual - fat and lazy and up to no good. You are right, they are pacing the fence line just in case it suddenly opens up and they can get their grubby little hooves on all the flowers, herbs, vegies, etc.

It's time you had a word with them! Freckles misses you - he told me. :))

Flower Gnome said...

Yes Nina the sheep are fine. Freckles is as naughty as ever...when was it that he became naughty? Ahh...Sept 2000 when Nina visited Gnomesville, that was it. Lambie keeps getting healthier and healthier since I dug the big hole for her when she was very sick last summer. Freckkes helped me dig the hole...good boy that he is, he also helps with the chain day he will get in the way just that little bit too much. He is like a little boy that needs constant attention. Cheers ))))