Friday, 7 September 2007

More tomato beds

The front bed is finished and the one in the back is nearly finished.
We ran out of steam there. The section in front only needs one more layer of compost and then a layer of pea straw.

The beds consist of layers of shredded paper, pea straw, compost, kitchen scraps, horse manure and chook manure. (Not in this order.) This combination works extremely well. We just let them sit a while before planting in them. These beds will be ready by the end of October / beginning of November.

I guess these two beds might be able to accommodate about 26-28 tomato plants. (They are very long and wide beds.)


Anonymous said...

Looking Good! How many plants do you plant across the width?


Mad Gnome said...

Thanks! I'll plant in a zigzag pattern. This way I'll ensure better airflow even with quite a few plants in the bed.

So one plant on one side then another plant not opposite but slightly further along the bed. Hope you know what I mean.