Friday, 11 June 2010

RIP Lambie

RIP Lambie the Sheep
1997 - 2010

Lambie the sheep passed away today. She has been very slow this week and the only thing keeping her going was spending most of her day in the front yard grazing on lush green grass, nibbling on lupins and porridge with vitamin powder hidden in it. Today she did not want to come into the garden, she did want lots of pats though. The above photo was taken earlier this week while she was enjoying the garden. Just before she passed away the other 3 sheep gathered near by to look at her, Lambie looked back at them and they went on their way, I think she was actually saying goodbye to them.

Lambie came to us in 2000 with her new lamb Psycho. 5 months later she had another boy lamb named Johnny, we then let her retire from breeding. She still had a tail which is why her previous owners named her lambie. We have actually called her the old girl for the past few years.

4 and half years ago we had the vet to see her because she was not eating and seemed to be giving up on life as she had lost all her teeth. Turned out she had a spot of pneumonia and was up in no time after her treatment. From then on we made sure she got plenty of lupins and access to the lush grass in the front yard a couple of times a week. The vet actually was not hopeful that she would recover, we even dug her a grave which is now the bio-char pit. But she always was a greedy guts and that has kept her alive for so long.

We will miss the old girl, she is survived by her two boys Psycho and Johnny. We will farewell her tomorrow with a big bonfire.


Maggie said...

Oh! that's sad news. Farewell Lambie.

Mickle in NZ said...

You've given her such a happy life in Gnomieland, I know Lambie will be missed.

nfmgirl said...

Awww. Poor old girl, but lucky to have had caretakers such as yourselves.

Olive said...

Poor Lambie, R.I.P.

So, now I know why all the smoke this morning. lol

Nina said...

I am so sorry to hear of Lambie's passing! She will be sorely missed!!! I thought I would have been able to meet her again when I am there! My sincere condolence.

Robyn said...

If I come back as a lamb, I want to be your lamb! I'm sitting here feeling so sad but here's a sheep who's had a life worth living.

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks for all your kind comments! We greatly appreciate them. :)
The old girl had a good life and she'd be chuffed to hear all your comments. But I'm sure she'd rather have an extra helping of juicy grass or lupins. ;)