Thursday, 8 April 2010

A Jewel on the Pepino

Look, what I've found on a leaf of our pepino plant!
It posed prettily and patiently (I shot tons of pictures to get a few good ones).

Ps.: I would be very interested to know what kind of bug (beetle?) this is? Does anyone know?


Maggie said...

Do I get a prize for naming the bug?
If so please check out the naming of the bug on Hills and Plains seedsavers.

Veggie Gnome said...

You sure do, Maggie! What would you like? :)
Thanks for the link. It does look like a shield bug.

Raymondo said...

It looks like a juvenile of the Green Vegetable Bug, a type of shield bug. They are the bane of my life, very destructive in the veggie garden, and they love the Solanaceae.