Tuesday, 3 November 2009

What an amazing day!

But most importantly - what amazing people!

Saturday, 31 October, bonfire party day, was forecast to be hot (30C). We were worried people might fear the heat and stay away. Or worse, it'll be windy and no fires can be burnt. But we need not have worried.

Everybody was keen and ready to rake leaves, pick up sticks and branches, build bonfires and generally work really hard.

The rakes and wheelbarrows received a hammering. The ride-on mower with the trailer had to be called in to get all those raked up piles on to the bonfires.

It was amazing and wonderful to see so many people working very hard. We were able to clean up and clear more areas than we had anticipated.

The backyard is very neat. This was the first (and most important) area that was cleared and finished. You can see the burnt-out bonfire to the right, near the tank.
To the right of the chook yard the pit was filled with leaves, sticks, prunings, etc. and a raging fire was soon to be seen. This was to be the biochar pit.
When that was raging and well on its way, it was covered with corrugated iron, sealed at the edges with soil, so that it could smoulder slowly away. We haven't checked it yet, but we expect to see some good biochar. We will share with all our helpers, who'd like to experiment with it.
The biggest area, further away from the house, is cleared, neat and all that is left are two small piles of ashes.
We were all pretty knackered, but very happy.

We could not get over the fact how hard everybody worked, how much we were able to accomplish in one afternoon, and how good it all looks! Our heartfelt thanks to all of you, wonderful helpers! You did a marvellous job! We could not have done that much without you. Thank you! :)

Ps.: I have not mentioned anybody by name on purpose. Somebody might get ideas in their head and try to head-hunt you. We are not going to share. :)

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Kelly said...

ahh, but what great fun we had helping(food wasnt bad either!)