Tuesday, 24 November 2009


The first tomatoes are in the ground.

There was no way I could have planted any vegetable seedlings before the heatwave. They would have all been crispy fried.

So, when it cooled down and it even drizzled, I went out there and started planting.

The tomato seedlings are over 1 meter tall and flopping over in the boxes. I had put them in the shade during the heatwave. They fared pretty well.
They had even started developing the first fruit!!
The plants with fruit are Rouge de Marmande. I have planted 12 of them as my main preserving crop. We need to replenish the pantry with preserved tomatoes.This is the first bed fully planted. The second bed is awaiting its tomato plants. Please ignore the grass in the paths.
Thickly mulched, fed, watered, tied to the stake. Grow, tomatoes, grow! :)
It was wonderful to plant tomatoes in the rain. The smell of rain drops hitting the ground, the fresh air, the coolness.

There are still a lot of vegetables to be planted, but we are getting there. :)


angela said...

I know what you mean about the heat.I had planted mine before it hit, but luckily with all the mulch and extra water from out tanks they survived.
I hope this years harvest will be better than last.

Kelly said...

blimey! impressive. i m in those pots! what did you feed them?

Gavin said...

Well done gnomes. I agree, those seedlings would have been toast with the weather you had. My garden is well behind as well, so hoping to catch up this weekend.

Jacqui said...

And to think I got all excited about our little harvest of garlic! You gnomes are up there in the inspiration stakes I can tell you!

I wondered if you have any idea, having seen your rows of fruit trees a while back, about the bugs eating our almonds? I think it could be peach twig borer but I'm not sure. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Go the tommies! Looking forward to your post on preserving them. Hope the temperature drops over there