Sunday, 5 July 2009

The winners ...

... of the mad give-away are:

(In random order)

Wally the Wayward Gnome
wins the Kiva certificate.

Kelly the Cranky Gnome
wins The Silverspoon

Pip's Favourite Gnome
wins a selection of Heirloom Seeds

Noodles the Noodle Gnome
wins Marcella's Kitchen

Congratulations to all participants! You made it very difficult for us to decide who'll win a prize. These were fantastic entries. Thank you for sending in your gnomes.

Please send me an email at so that we can send your prize to you. Hope your prizes bring you joy!


Kel said...

oh my! im speechless! *jumps in joy* thank you! thank you thank you

Jacqui said...

Yah! Thanks so much. I just couldn't decide what to nominate for a prize - hard to go past the first one but was also sorely tempted by the Silver Spoon cook book so I'm sorry, I coped out and hoped you'd solve it for me and you did! It really was just fun to go in and I've had those Wally pics hanging around for so long...they predate the chooks, the blog, and the digital camera! (all of which you could probably tell). Enjoy your random evening. I'm finding it v. hard to pick what to include. Off to keep sorting...