Monday, 6 July 2009

New Potato Bed

... in the making.

Remember our free-ranging chooks constantly breaking into our veggie garden?
Well, we decided to use this to our advantage. We set up an enclosure with stakes, pots and bird netting where we'd like to set up a new potato bed.
Now every time the chooks break into the garden, we put them into the enclosure. They have enough water to keep them happy and they can scratch to their hearts' content. The more they scratch, the better. They will dig into the soil, get rid of the grass, weed seeds, bugs, etc. and fertilise the area at the same time. Before it gets dark, we open the enclosure and the gate to the paddock so that they can go back to the chook shed for the night. Tomorrow, we shall play the same game again. Until the whole area is nicely dug over.


Kel said...

brilliant. now thats gnomey thinkin!

Anonymous said...

The Spice girls have done a grand job on my future spud bed too. Not a weed to be seen and nicely fertilised!

greenfumb said...

What a great idea, I will try that for getting my patches ready for spring planting.