Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well, not yet.
But I've had a little chat with my cabbages and they know what I expect of them. So far they are doing pretty well.


Julie said...

I wish my cabbages looked that good! My seedlings are all sulking :-( Luckily my kale is coming along though, phew! Any cabbage-growing tips?

Veggie Gnome said...

Julie, I have noticed that anything planted before the cold hits (preferably from March to about May in our zone) and the soil is still fairly warm, will grow to a good size. When the cold hits they have reached a good size and then slow down their growth but still continue to grow. Anything planted after that just sits there and sulks.

The seedlings I planted when it got cold are sulking, too. They are still the same size as when I planted them one month or more ago.

Julie said...

Ah, that would be it, thanks. The problem up here is that we can still get some really hot weather up until May and the seedlings keel over. Meh.