Thursday, 26 March 2009


We harvested a box full of the most delicious plums last week. The box is nearly empty now. I made one big batch of dried plums. Then another batch of Powidl (remember?). This time a lot spicier - a few Hungarian Wax chillies and more dried, ground spices. Turned out very well. Now I have to think how to use this spicy plum jam.

I don't know what variety this plum is. I call it 'European' plum because it reminds me of the plums of my childhood. My grandma had a tree that produced plums like these.
This year the plum is absolutely delicious. Sweet, but not overly sweet. You never know what you get with this tree. One year the plums were totally over the top sweet. The next year they were mealy and totally tasteless.

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