Saturday, 8 November 2008

Pure Indulgence!

Another batch of Spiced Chocolate & Orange Cake. Plus Tweedvale Pure Double Cream (50% Milk Fat). Yes, all in capital letters. As it is mighty stuff.We bought the cream at the Organic Fruit & Vegetable Stall (MarIan's) at the Lobethal Market. Go there. They have local organic fruit & vegetables, local milk & cream, olives, etc. Ah yes, disclaimer. They are friends of mine, and we occasionally meet up to swap seeds & plants and to eat and drink and be merry. Now you know.I may have to go for a long walk right now. I feel the kilos piling up. *urgh*


Kel said...

right, thats it. off to make that cake.

Maggie said...

YUM, YUM, YUM! Maybe you could walk down here with some!
I shall check out the market sometime.

Anonymous said...

You had to upset me didn't you? My Kapha Dosha is groaning in pain. I experimented with a ginger cake by putting oatmeal in it, to make it healthy, it was so inedible even the chooks won't touch it.