Sunday, 30 November 2008

Caraway Thyme

This is only one plant, but it slowly covers bare patches and creeps nicely along pavers. It is easy to rip out, if it starts trespassing. When it starts flowering, it is absolutely stunning.
Rub the leaves between your fingers and you will enjoy the scent of caraway. Very nice in cooking.
Very nice to look at, too. At one end you can see some basil mint that managed to escape from a pot.


Kel said...

very pretty! i love this kind of groundcover,; useful, prett, fregrant, hardy. cant beat them!

Maggie said...

It is a lovely looking plant, how would you use it in recipes?

Anna's Spot said...

Beautiful garden as always. I love using caraway it makes your stomach feel better and you can use it as a tonic. Wonderful herb.
Hugs and Love

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks for all your kind words.

You can use the herb in any dishes where you'd like a little (or a lot of) caraway flavour. Risotto, roast potatoes, stews, soups, any pasta sauce, etc.