Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Let it be on record...

...that we got our first egg from our new chooks this morning!


Ps.: Please excuse the floury scales. :)


Gavin said...

That is fantastic VG. The first egg is a momentous occasion!


Olive said...

Well !!! I think you took the wrong chooks, bring them back and take the ones we have. (much stamping of feet)
I haven't checked up on ours yet, so maybe they have laid one as well.
These chicks are only 12 weeks old ! They are not supposed to lay until 18 weeks, are you SURE this egg didn't roll in from the other side ? Or maybe a low flying magpie ??
I'm not trying to be a kill JOY, but you wasn't meant to get the first egg ! GNASH-GNASH (much grinding of teeth.)

Olive said...

On second thoughts.......did you walk past the chook yard with an axe in your hand?

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks, Gav! Yes, it is rather special. Especially as they are still soooo young. It's also nice to see how well Neighbour Gnome took the fact that WE got the first egg. *grins*

Olive, apart from the very good food, clean water, clean & safe chook shed, we give them lots of LOOOOOOOVE. And pats. They still like their pats. And we talk to them. And I am pretty sure Mama Gnome (who has taken over the chick & chook care while she is here) knows some Austrian Mountain Magic. There. The secret's out of the bag. These Austrian mountain tribes know a thing or two. *LOL*

Julie said...

Yay! Well done little chookie! And a big one too, I hope that bodes well for the eggs to come :-)

Anonymous said...

WTG, nothing better than fresh eggs from our girls! I have bantams so use double the eggs, still delicious and make the best quiches.