Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The babies have left the building

All spare tomato plants have gone to a very good home.

This is my final list. All planted and looking good. Quite a few of them have already set fruit.

Anna Russian 1
Amish Salad 1
Black Cherry 1
Black Krim 2
Cherokee Purple 1
Dixie Golden Giant 1
Green Giant 1
Grub's Mystery Green 2
Grusha Chyorhaya 2
Heinz 1370F 1
Huge Black 2
Ida Gold 10
Jaune Flammee 5
Julie's Uncle's Whopper 1
Kellogg's Breakfast 7
Lime Green Salad 1
Marianna's Peace 2
Moldovan Green 1
Olomovic 3
Orange Minsk 1
Oregon Spring 2
Polar Baby 1
Red Cloud 1
Soldacki 2
St. Pierre 1
Striped Turkish Monastery 1
Sub Arctic Plenty 2
Tasmanian Blushing Yellow 2
Woodle Orange 1
Total plants: 59
Varieties: 29

Ps.: This happens when I am disciplined. You should have seen the lists I had the previous years. Tomatoes Anonymous obviously helped! :)


Kel said...

now thats just plain cruel! god, i dream of 29 varietals...

Veggie Gnome said...

Sorry :) Just be glad you haven't seen the lists of previous years. Last year I had 47 varieties, the year before 79 (or so), the year before that...uh... never mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well done - what a disciplined person you are. Well, get this, I planted 20 - got a few in the hothouse though and if they don't leave home soon, they will just HAVE to be planted.

Veggie Gnome said...

Define 'few', Cosmic! *grins*
Or have you really been that good?!