Sunday, 19 October 2008

Salad Bar

I planted a few more seedlings into my salad bar today. 2 lettuce varieties - Drunken Women and Red Leprechaun. Great combination, don't you think?!

Then some Red Orache, Chervil, Komatsuna, Chinese Broad Leaf Celery, Red Giant Mustard, Red Bunching Onions.

They joined the garlic, spring onions, leeks, wild rocket and a chilli plant (3 years old!).
The salad bar is underneath the loquat tree and fairly shaded from early afternoon onwards. As we are approaching summer with quite a number of stinking hot days, the shade will ensure that the salad greens will (should) have a longer life expectancy and don't go to seed on the first hot day. At least they should keep us in greenery until the tomatoes enter the scene some time mid-February.

1 comment:

greenfumb said...

Drunken Women and Red Leprechauns sound right up my alley, I will look out for them.

It is already really hot here so i am expecting to see some bolting to seed this week.