Thursday, 30 October 2008

Apricots this year?

Every year we ask the same question. 'Will we get apricots this year?'

Well, it is looking pretty good at the moment. But anything can happen.

This is an apricot on a tree that we netted.
These are on a tree that we could not net as it is just beside a narrow path. So we will have to beat the birds. (Yeah, okay, we can but try.)
We didn't have any apricots on the trees the last few years. So this is a new sensation.


Kel said...

if its netted, then at least you have hope ;-)

angela said...

Our apricote tree is full this year too. Must be a good year for them.
we will be netting too. I just love them

Olive said...

Watch out for the Rosellas in the early morning. Yesterday I was out of bed unusually early for me, just in time to see a big flock of Rosellas descend on the Plumcott tree. I hunted them off, but I bet any money you like they will try again.(they went off in the opposite direction to your place!)

Veggie Gnome said...

Lots of hope here, Kel. ;)

Thanks for the warning, Olive! Will be extra-vigilant. Glad to hear they didn't come our way. :)

Hmmm...must check the netting. I WANT apricots!

Good luck, Angela! :)

Kate said...

I thought you we will have to EAT the birds!!

Veggie Gnome said...

Tempting, Kate, very tempting! ;)