Friday, 24 October 2008

And now for something more uplifting!

Enough of all this doom and gloom!

I decided to have some time out (from work, weeding, planting, mowing, weeding, fire prevention measures, weeding, brush-cutting, etc.) and try a new recipe or two.

A post by Taurus Rising inspired me to make another batch of yoghurt. Not with spiced chai syrup - which I will try another time - but with some mixed berry coulis. The idea was to have a layer of berry coulis at the bottom of the jar and the yoghurt on top. It didn't really work out that way, but never mind. You can see the jars in the background.

Then a batch of baguettes for tomorrow's afternoon tea.

Then something that sounded super-delicious: Spiced Chocolate & Orange Bread from another blog that I read regularly. I used hazelnuts instead of pistachios, because that's what I had at home. The mixture was enough for 2 smallish loaf pans. I might put one in the freezer, hence only one was decorated.
I decided to cut it so that you could see what it looked like inside. Not to eat any, no no. Well, I did have to do some quality control as it was already cut. I also passed a small piece to the other taste testers in the household and it passed with flying colours. Now to putting it somewhere safe.


MeetaK said...

Oh fantastic! hazelnuts work well too and I am ecstatic that all the gnomes in the house liked this one. Great!

Kel said...

oh god, that looks so good. Definitely making that. i do love blog recipes! they tend to be very seasonal which is great. The yoghurt looks fantastic! did you find some organic skim milk powder?

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks for popping in, MeetaK! :)

Kel, you must have bought the last lot of organic SKIM milk powder because there was only whole milk left. :)

Kel said...

ooops. sorry.if they dont have skim then i usually do the goat! how'd the yoghurt turn out?

Veggie Gnome said...

Not to worry. :)
Unfortunately, the yoghurt was runny. The first time ever this happened. I must have messed up somewhere along the line. It could have something to do with the berry coulis. I might have put a bit too much in. Oh well, I'll try again. It's still nice in muesli/cereal/smoothie.

Kel said...

ohh dear. somehow, i feel responsible! weird. my yoghurt is never runny, you could cut it with a knife! looking at the pic there was a lot of berry mix but i cant see why that should affect the setting of the yoghurt??? i do hope it improves!

Veggie Gnome said...

Hey, don't worry! Don't feel responsible. I made another (plain) batch and it is very, very thick. It worked a treat. Just the way I like it. So I am happy!
Not sure what went wrong with the previous batch. :)

Anyway, the way that yoghurt is going, I'll have to make a new lot shortly. :)