Tuesday, 11 March 2008

It's official

The current heatwave in Adelaide is now the longest hot spell on Adelaide records.

We have now had 9 days in a row with temperatures above 35C. Apparently we have had 8-day heatwaves of above 35C in March before. The last one in 1934.

I don't like such records.

Unfortunately, we will break our own record tomorrow, the day after, and on and on, until at least next Monday. 14 days in a row!!! I sure wouldn't mind if the forecast was wrong there. Apparently we are in for 38C - 39C days until Monday.

Officially, it is autumn here.

I could post pictures of crispy fried leaves on various vegetable plants, but that would be too depressing. When you touch the leaves they just crumble to fine dust.

On a more positive note:
We measured the level of water in our water tank for the house and found it at a reassuring level. Slightly more than half-full. *phew*
All our water-saving measures are showing great results.

The garden water tanks still have some water in them. Enough to keep things alive. Hopefully.

Rain dance, anyone?

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Crazy Mumma said...

Ergh, you poor things! I spoke to a girlfriend in Adelaide yesterday who was telling me the same thing, but sadly for her, her last (13000L) tank is down to 1/4 full, and she's pretty much given up trying to keep the vegies alive :-( Finger's crossed for some cool weather asap!