Thursday, 13 March 2008


I was all geared up to preserve more tomatoes today, despite the heat.
Washed them all and started coring them. Bleaaghhh! A maggot?! My skin started to crawl. Okay, take another tomato. Totally unblemished. Beautiful. Cut. Bleaghhhh! Now that's getting scary. One big fat maggot. Not a caterpillar that I am used to. You know, the ones that bite a hole into your tomato, leave some poop around it, and they are big and greenish and well, caterpillary.

So now I'm getting really worried. Fruit fly? Not good. Well, onto the Internet and a quick but thorough search. Not getting better. Hmm.... consult with neighbours. They have been around a bit longer than we have. Give them a little Show & Tell. No conclusion.

Okay, better call the fruit fly hotline. Quick and easy. Question - answer. Ping - pong. No worries. It's not fruit fly - it's the tomato fly. Oh. Nice. Big, major relief. But still gross.

I am NOT going to preserve any tomatoes at the moment. I don't even want to touch them. Yuk. I am having a tomato-free day today.

I will also refrain from posting a picture. That'd be too revolting. (We have some, ask and ye shall receive. If you must.)

Ps.: The spellchecker didn't like 'Bleaaghhh!' I checked for suggestions and this is what it gave: 'Castlereagh'. Much better. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Yuk and Castlereagh! Could it be the heat? No pictures please.

Veggie Gnome said...

I really loved Castlereagh. Hey, I can post a picture. No problem. *LOL*

Veggie Gnome said...

I am sure it is the heat. We have never had anything like this happening to our tomatoes. Let's hope this does not happen next season again.