Friday, 13 July 2012

Mr. Fothergill's Seeds

Out of the blue I received an email from the good people at Mr. Fothergill's, asking me whether I'd be interested in trialling some seeds and reviewing them. As I normally can't refuse any offer of seeds, I said 'yes'.

So here is the parcel of seeds I received.
I am quite excited, as I've never tried these baskets before. The instructions seem pretty clear and I quite like the concept of growing a few things on the windowsill.
 I shall wait a week or two before sowing them, as it's really rather cold and miserable at the moment. Even the hardiest of seeds would be reluctant to poke it's little head out of the soil right now. I think. Anyway, I'll do another blog post when I sow the seeds.

Thank you, good people at Mr. Fothergill's! I'll keep you posted as to how your seeds are going. :)


Cheryl said...

It will be interesting to see how they go.


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

Tomatoes in your winter Wow!

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