Friday, 21 October 2011

Chocolate Velvet Torte

Looking for something really decadent? A great treat? But also gluten-free, dairy-free, and without white sugar? Plus plenty of good (70% cocoa) chocolate.

This is the torte before it goes into the oven. Absolutely delicious! After putting it into the oven, don't forget to lick the beaters, the bowls, the spoon, etc. before cleaning up. Do it quietly, so you don't have to share. You won't regret it. It's like chocolate mousse!Watch it rise in the oven...
...then shrink while it cools.
See the gooey middle? Oh yeah!Really nice with a dollop of good cream.Or a really good dollop of cream.The recipe is from Elana Amsterdam's "Gluten-free almond flour cookbook". Unfortunately, it is not on her blog yet. And I'm too lazy to type it out. Also, I have to go and check now whether the cake is still as nice as when we tried it yesterday. Gotta go.... :)


Nina said...

Droolinnngggg........ Yummmmmm
Now I have to find a quick fix to my chocolate torte craving..:(

Anonymous said...

Teaser!!!!! :p Looks too good to be true :)

Margaret said...

I couldn’t wait, so I looked it up. I found the recipe online here.