Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sourdough success!

Wow! What a wonderful surprise!
Let's hope this is not a fluke, but a sign of great things (loaves) to come. :)

The recipe:
200g starter
400g bread flour
300ml water
10g salt

I took the starter out of the fridge late morning, so that it could warm up and expand a little. At around 4pm I added the flour and water and started kneading until the dough was silky soft and smooth. Towards the end I added the salt and kneaded it a bit more. Then into a floured bowl, cover and let rest on the kitchen bench where it is not very warm. Ready for a (very) slow rise.

This morning, I took out the risen dough, shaped the loaf and put it on the baking tray to rise a bit more.

2 hours later, the bread was in the hot oven and baking nicely.Lunch was good! :)


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Oh yes, that loaf looks as if you got some good oven spring in it, just enough holes to let the butter soak in.

Chris said...

My word, lunch must have been tasty. That's a gorgeous looking loaf. I'm with Pip - butter soaked sourdough is just devine.

A sharp marmalade is addictive with it as well.

Once you taste the difference between sourdough and dried yeast bread, it's really difficult to go back, LOL. I tried to recently and found I couldn't. My family even asked for the sourdough to return. The flavour is just so worth the extra process.

My congratulations for persisting. It definitely paid off. :)