Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Perennial Cotton

I saw a picture of perennial cotton flowers in a catalogue last year and immediately put it on the 'must-grow-list'.

1 (one!) seed germinated.

Well, the flowers are pretty, the plant is small and fairly hassle-free to grow. But I also expected a ball of cotton wool after the flower. And this is a major disappointment - no cotton wool ball. *sulk* How cool would that have been?!


Em said...

It may be too early to see the bolls? It's about 4-6 weeks after flowering for the seed pod to grow to full size and form the cotton; then another 2-3 weeks for the pod (boll) to open up and the cotton to fluff out and dry out in the sun. What are you going to do with the cotton? :)

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks, Em! I'm afraid it'll get too cold now for anything to happen. Let's hope I'll be able to harvest a seed or two to try again next season. :)

What am I going to do with the cotton? Brag about it! If it ever happens. *LOL*