Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Our first Food Connect box!

How exciting is that?! Today we picked up our first Food Connect fruit & vegetable box.

All produce is organic and locally grown. Except for the bananas, they are from Queensland, but still organic.

So whatcha reckon? 30 bucks for a box full of organic produce? I reckon that's pretty cool! The produce was picked on the weekend and now it's here. On our table.

This is the small box for 30 dollars. Feeds 1-2 people. Due to the heat, the produce had to be packed in recycled polystyrene boxes. When we pick up our next box, we'll return this one to our City Cousin.
Right. The suspense is killing us! Let's lift the lid.
Looking good!

Let's spread it out for a better look. YUM! I'm happy!


greenfumb said...

I got my first one this week too but forgot to take a photo - I will do it next week and pretend it was the first :-)

Our CC has a big vege patch and added extras in too. We have agreed to do swaps of excess in the future - fantastic isnt it.

Veggie Gnome said...

Sounds great, greenfumb!! Lucky you, with your City Cousin! :)

I hope you do post about your first box. It'll be interesting to see what you are getting. :)

food said...

nice one ! looks good and for 1-2 i reckon pretty good for 100% local (except bananas) and 100% organic. that combo can be a pain to source! i reckon well done!