Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bonsai Rockmelon

That's not really its name, of course. I received a packet of mixed melon seeds from a gardening friend. The shape and colour of the seeds did indicate whether they were watermelons or rock melons. But that was it. So it was a matter of wait and see.

This was one of the melons that came up. A handful of a melon. I suspect it might be similar to the variety Minnesota Midget, which is an early maturing rock melon. 70 days to maturity.Wow! If you have never tasted a home-grown, freshly picked rock melon, you have missed one amazing experience. Fragrant! Juicy! Sweet! Ever the alert seedsaver, I scooped out all seeds and they are drying as I type. They may not come true to type, ie. they may be cross-pollinated, as they were grown with other melons in the same bed. But it's definitely worth a try. :)

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