Saturday, 16 May 2009

Winter Pasta

It's great fun trying to create new dishes with seasonal produce.

Last night's tea.

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Pasta:Make usual pasta dough and add finely crushed Tasmanian Mountain Pepper corns. Err on the cautious side, as they can be quite overpowering. I used 3 peppercorns to 1 cup of semolina. Enough pasta for 2 hungry people. There was a lovely hint of pepper in the pasta. You don't want more than that.

Brusselsprouts, cauliflower, red capsicums, garlic, (good quality) speck, garlic chives, pink peppercorns (can't seem to see them in the picture) and chopped roasted chestnuts.
Fry everything until slightly golden brown or just done. Add splash of stock or white wine, season. Let simmer till alcohol evaporates. Add cooked pasta. Sprinkle chopped garlic chives and shaved parmesan over the whole lot.

Enjoy!I would add more chopped roasted chestnuts next time. I hadn't used them in this way before, so was a bit stingy with them.


Kel said...

yum! looks delish! will have to try the 'dry' sauce with some of these ingredients and maybe after this weekend you can add some wild mushroom to the mix... i think we will have excess

Veggie Gnome said...

Chestnuts and mushrooms would be a great combination, I'm sure! :)