Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Just a tasting portion for lunch. Crumbed Saffron Milk Caps.
Cut in thick slices. Season the flour with salt & pepper, onion & garlic powder. Or any other seasoning.

Fried in butter and oil. Golly gosh! What a ripper!Even the Flower Gnome 'could have happily done with another piece or two'. Now that is saying something!

Now I am thinking - maybe mushroom parmigiana? Or just like schnitzel, with mash and veg?


Kel said...

hey!!! im at work. that looks goood...freeeesh wonder they say they are just like meat. doesnt look anything close to a mushie!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Crumbs, exactly what I was thinking, it looks like a piece of schnitzel. Mushroom parmigiana sounds good.

anonymous said...

Arghh! That is a murder with the nice nice flavour that mushrooms have. Onion, red caps, mush, white wine, potatoes and even pork ribs can be added.
Wish to be able to find them here in Adelaide not going to the crazy expensive market.
In my country they are delicacy this days... WE love them!!!
Javier (the Spaniard)