Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Globe Artichokes

They are coming up again and looking good. These are the easiest things to grow, if you have enough room in the garden. They need a bit of space. They are drought resistant, frost resistant and fuss free.
I still haven't disposed of the old spent stalks that I cut off and laid on the ground.

This means I have tons of little ones coming up around the seed heads.
Anyone for globe artichoke seedlings? Or established plants? I have to thin out the existing clumps a bit further.


Jacqui said...

We've got a row of them growing down the back...glad to hear they are frost resistant, being in the mountains. I'm so enjoying your blog - you are fully into your garden and I love it!!

Veggie Gnome said...

Thanks, Jacqui!
They are quite stunning with their big, silvery leaves. Hope you get a good crop in Spring!
Had a peek at your blog and it looks lovely! :)