Thursday, 31 July 2008


Every year at around the end of July our road gets closed off for half a day on a Saturday morning or afternoon and we can't leave our house to run errands, etc. Why? So that a number of cars can race around our dirt road, churn up the gravel, scare the livestock, make a lot of noise and pollute the place. All part of some championship or other.

Whooppeee. Yes, I am very impressed. I wish somebody could tell me the point of such an exercise.

Anyway. End of rant. We had some friends over last Saturday to keep us company (uh..yes, there is also a petrol head or two in our group of friends). We had tons of lovely food and great fun. We walked up the hill and watched the cars race past the place. Took some pictures, too.

Admittedly after 5 cars I got bored. Well, you see. Here comes a car, now there is another one, then another. *yawn*
Anyway. It's over. Peace has returned. Until next year.

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