Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A little pick-me-up

Every afternoon we reach a point where we need a little rest from the office. That's when we have a cup of coffee or cappuccino.

We have been experimenting to get the cappuccino the way we like it. Freshly ground beans are a must, so is good (local & organic) milk. But how best to cream/froth it? Well, we finally found a cappuccino creamer that does the job. It is a jug you can put on the stove to heat up the milk and it has a plunger with twin filters at the end. You slide the plunger into the jug and move it up and down until the milk reaches the consistency you like.

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Kate said...

Lovely...I like flat white and just a smidgen (?) of flroth. To get that I have an old vegemite jar(so many uses for the old vegemite jars...another post maybe!) into which will fit the plunger from a small coffee plunger. I heat the milk in the jar in the micrwave and use the plunger to froth. It is remarkable effective but only does enough for 1 cup of espresso-style coffee. I would be interested to knoe what kind yours is and how many cups it can do.