Monday, 18 February 2008

Today's harvest

A variety of zucchini (Lebanese, Golden, Costata Romensco, White Aegyptian), tomatoes (Druzba, Black Cherry, Snow White, Broad Ripple Yellow Currant, Moldovan Green, Picket, Kotlas...), Italian Chilli, Doe Hill Capscium, Chilli Astrakhanski 147).

The cucumbers are having a rest at the moment (the cold weather last week slowed them down quite a bit), but I saw a few little ones today. So the production should start again soon. Unless the forecast cold nights at the end of the week put a stop to that.

The weather is a bit extreme at the moment. Last week we had a few nights where the lowest temperature was 6 C!! With a fierce, icy wind. Some frost burn on chillies and cucumbers was the result. Nothing serious, thank goodness.

The last few days we had temperatures at around 35-36 C.

Anyway, here's today's basket:

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