Wednesday, 27 February 2013

First apples of the season

Galas. Super juicy, sweet and crisp. Absolutely delicious.

This year's crop is just great. Hardly any blemishes. Good size. And quite a few off the tree. The rain moved in, so we had to stop picking. So, two great things at the same time - apples and rain. (It's been an incredibly dry summer, so rain is an exciting and very rare event at the moment.)
Excuse me, I have to go and eat another apple! :)


Robyn Sinclair said...

Oh, that's pretty. I wish now we'd planted an apple tree. The wind usually blows most of the blossom off our pear tree, so after five years we are still lucky to get one or two pears per season.

Sue Garrett said...

We have plenty rain but will have to wait a while for apples - enjoy

Anonymous said...

O gosh, how wish I live next door to you!
I grow grapes but not apples yet in my tropical climate.

Dew said...

Wonderful, wish that I m living next door to you!

Veggie Gnome said...

Robyn, thank you! You could still plant an apple tree! Too bad about the pears. :)

Sue, soon you will be writing about all your summer pickings again. Hope you have a good apple crop in Autumn, too.

Anonymous, that would be nice. We could do a little swap. Apples for grapes. :)

Dew, plenty of apples to share. :)