Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Purple cauliflower...eating it

This is for you, Sue, so that you can check the colour of the caulie when cooked. :)

Purple caulie broken up into florets and stems cut into slices. Yes, I do eat the stems, they are delicious. If they are very thick, they might have a woody outer layer, just cut/peel that off.
Thrown into a frying pan, with just a bit of butter and coconut oil. Salt and pepper. Then fry until some of it has a lovely golden colour.
Fresh eggs from our girls complete the meal. It's very simple, no fuss, but oh! so delicious.


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

So now I need you to boil some to see if they go blue that way. Must admit I've never fried cauliflower - maybe I should try.

HelenB said...

This purple cauliflower is obviously an older cultivar, which turns green when cooked. I'm willing to bet that the purple cauliflower with which Sue is familiar is Graffiti, an F1 hybrid which is touted as "the first variety that doesn't turn green when cooked". I've grown Graffiti, and it does, indeed, turn a rather unappealing bluish-gray when cooked. When some acid is added, (to make pickled cauliflower) it turns a vivid neon pink.

Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

It could be Helen - it was from a mixed colour packets so didn't have a name. I did wonder whether adding a splash of vinegar would keep the colour stable as it does with red cabbage but I don't fancy neon pink! The blue is unappetising!