Saturday, 4 August 2012


All was well this morning. Then we went out for a bit over 2 hours. And came back to a scene of destruction on the balcony.

Something (I suspect white cockatoos) had attacked my succulents. It (or they?) must have gone from one pot to another.

The flat-ish terracotta pot on the top rack had 3 healthy succulents in it. One landed on the rack below (behind the pots), one ended up on the ground.
The one left in the pot was hacked at. Nice bite marks, ey?
Then it went to the next pot and ripped that out (but it didn't manage to drop it on the floor) and attacked it.
That's the ground underneath the next rack.
Where most of my aloe vera (and some dragon fruit & cardamom plants) where decimated.
As you can imagine, I'm slightly* upset. I just hope the culprits don't come back for more. :(

*bit of an understatement, actually.


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

Is it the sap they like the taste of? Maybe they recognise medicinal properties. Very upsetting whatever the reason.

Chris said...

It is cocky season, I've noticed a band hanging around the area for a feed. Although I wonder it it wasn't something else?

We had a similar attack on our plants a few winters ago, which we could only put down to the rats. Could have been a bush variety, we never got a good look. But they were eating everything from tomatoes on the vines, to plants in the greenhouse. That was the annoying part, finding plants I'd nurtured, up-ended and munched on.

The reason we suspected rats instead of birds was the fact we had them in an enclosed greenhouse. Wasn't impossible for rodents to enter, but not large birds.

Bit of a mystery?

Veggie Gnome said...

Chris, rats might be an idea, too. I only suspected cockies as they had been hanging about the place the day before, and I was hoping they'd move on as they are such destructive birds.

Hope that was only a once-off at your place, too. It's annoying when you nurture something and it gets destroyed - for no apparent reason. :)