Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Quark and stuff

I have been inspired to do more cheese-making again. Had become a bit slack, just the occasional mozzarella or haloumi. But I've dusted off the cheese press, the hoops, etc. and will make a (semi-)hard cheese or three in the next few months, while it is still winter. I have found that the cooler months are easier for cheese-making. The cooler temperatures and the higher humidity make the ripening process a lot less hassle-free.

Quark was high on the agenda in the last few days. Here it is, draining. Also learned (only took me a few years!) that when you drain quark a bit longer, you have cream cheese. I know, I'm slow at times.
So, half of that is being used as quark. Some of it to be spread on bread, some to share with friends, and some in my favourite raspberry/quark cake, for example. (Only a few slices left - and they are in the freezer, for later.)
And the other half was drained a bit longer and will be used as cream cheese. Chocolate (our friends' cow) is giving us a lot of super-creamy milk at the moment. Thank you, Chocolate! :)


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

I've never had any quark - what is it made from?

Robyn Sinclair said...

You really do live on God's Little Acre, don't you! :)

Veggie Gnome said...

Sue, quark is made from cow's milk. It's a bit like ricotta cheese. :)

Robyn, yes, we do! I'm sure you do, too! :) Maybe a bit littler than ours. :))