Monday, 18 June 2012


Winter is the best time to make cheese around here. It's easy to maintain the ripening temperature (approx. 13C) and humidity (75-85%). Without having to muck about with a cheese/wine fridge.

Caerphilly is probably one of our favourite cheeses. It's also easy to make and 'only' takes 3 weeks until you can sample it.
This is a whopper of a cheese! The biggest so far, as Chocolate's milk is amazingly creamy at the moment. The yield is 1.75kg from 7.6 litres of milk! Can't wait to taste it. :)


Gavin Webber said...


It looks fantastic! I just love the nutty and saltyness of Caerphilly. That is a massive yield, the % butterfat must be around 5.1% to get that much curds.

Gav x

Veggie Gnome said...

Gav, thanks for that! I'm glad somebody knows his figures and can calculate the butterfat! :))) Now I know!

africanaussie said...

oh that sounds delicious - I will have research the recipe.

cathy@home said...

One of my favorite cheeses.I am right behind "africanaussie" will have to research the recipe.