Friday, 7 January 2011

Visitors to the garden

Most of the times I leave vegetable plants in their beds, long after they have finished producing vegetables. Mainly because they flower profusely, look pretty, attract lots of insect life, and then give us tons of seeds for the next season.
The leeks are flowering at the moment. They are amazing plants, from the time the flower buds develop, then shed their little 'hats', until finally they develop their flowers.
Yesterday evening there were at least 20 butterflies circling above the leek bed.Settling here and there.
Opening and closing their wings.
Busy feeding on the flowers.
And generally just looking incredibly pretty.
Sometimes there were as many as 3 butterflies on one flower.
You can't beat entertainment like that! :)

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HAZEL said...

I cannot believe the number of butterflies this year. There are huge numbers around here...almost clouds of them dancing in the air. My camera doesn't allow me to get close enough to photograph them. So thanks for sharing these great shots.