Monday, 6 December 2010

Long lingering local lamb lunch... Lenswood.

Take a bunch of lovely gardeners and sit them down at a table for a long lingering local lunch. What do you get? Not a lot of pictures!
But lots of laughter, good conversation, good food, good cheer.

The theme was local. Preferably from the garden or just around the corner.

The leg of lamb came from a friend's place (just around the corner), so did the shiraz (same place). Herbs, garlic, potatoes, berries from our garden.

For starters we had a selection of savoury bits & pieces - home-made, local, etc.
This is the last picture of the whole lingering lunch. After that we were too busy eating, chatting, laughing, drinking, eating...

I won't torture you by mentioning the rest of the menu. Everything was a hit! :)

Everyone contributed to the lunch by bringing something from the garden, local, home-made....

Thanks, folks! We had a wonderful time. Thank you for your company and your contribution to the lunch. :)

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