Monday, 25 October 2010

Garden Pasta...

...with purple sprouting broccoli. This has been a great addition to the winter garden. The more you harvest, the more it grows back. Beautiful!
Here it is, together with snow peas and broad beans (mostly hidden).
Sauté the veggies with some garlic and (spring) onions, season, add preferred cooked pasta (organic spelt in this case). Then top with generous helpings of fresh parsley, grated parmesan and crispy fried (home-made) bacon. Spring in a bowl! :)


Anonymous said...

oh, so cool, where did you acquire your purple sprouting broccoli?

geminisc said...

thanks for posting these pics! So they're only supposed to be that small?

i've tried growing purple brocolli for the first time this year and it sat with no movement throughout all of winter and my frosts. only when the weather gave up and i decided to give in and start tearing off leaves to eat did the sprouts come up. I don't know if it was coincidence or not. but either way the buds haven't been big - about the same size as yours.

i've never grown brocolli before, but i guess i was expecting to harvest brocolli heads the same size as the ones you see in stores.

are the heads that you harvested the size they are supposed to be? if it is, it'll definately make me feel a lot better about my brocolli growing powers!

Veggie Gnome said...

Anonymous, I bought the seedlings from a stall at a market. But you can easily get seeds from various online seed companies.

Gem, my plants did exactly the same. They sat there and looked pretty throughout winter. Then when the weather warmed up a bit, they developed the small flower heads. I am sure that's the size they should be. The more I harvest, the more they grow now. Eat them while you can! :)

I have never eaten the leaves. Are they nice? Did you cook them or eat raw?