Friday, 13 August 2010

Home-made sausages

We have been experimenting with sausages again. This time we used hog casings and not collagen. The natural casings are so much easier to work with!

For the salami we used ox runners.

They are all made with beef. The sausages are tasty but slightly dry. Next time we'll add some pork fat to make them juicier. The salami will take a while to mature and we'll taste it in a few weeks / months.

The main thing to remember is to have at least 2% salt in the sausage mixture. Also at least 20% of the mixture has to be fat. There is no such thing as a lean AND juicy sausage. As I said, next time we'll make sure to add pork fat as that makes it all a lot juicier. We added smoked paprika, black pepper, a good slosh of wine, finely chopped garlic & rosemary and some chilli.


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