Sunday, 14 February 2010

Moon and Stars

...the watermelon.

It's a really funky fruit. This one's only in its infancy.
But wait until it's grown up! I grew it a few years ago. One melon on one plant. It was a monster! It would not fit in the fridge. I think it weighed over 10 kg!!! But it was soooooo good! Sweet and juicy. Nothing like a shop-bought melon at all. Let's hope this one will do the same thing. I'll keep you posted. We might have a melon party. :)


Alessandra said...

Hi, first time here! Great blog!

My name is Alessandra, another blogger directed me here saying that you have a link to one of my posts (Home made halloumi and ricotta). First of all thank you for the linking, and then, can you tell me where did you post it? I'd love to have a look.



Veggie Gnome said...

Welcome, Alessandra!

Your haloumi recipe works very well, thank you! The link is in this post:

I didn't do step-by-step instructions, as you had done that much better than I could. Just bragging about my success with your recipe. :)