Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Let's join the masses...

... and do a zucchini post! *LOL*

It's interesting to read other gardeners' blogs and discover how they try to keep the zucchini flood in check. Or how to best (and hopefully discreetly without the rest of the family noticing) use as many as possible.

There is no disguising these fritters. They are unashamedly chockers with zucchini.
Why not eat them like burgers? A good smear of home-made mayonnaise, a fritter, a layer of cheese, a layer of tomato slices, and (for the die-hard zucchini fans) another fritter. Topped off with another slice of bread.They were gooooood!! :)


food said...

ohh yum! we had salad for dinner...im starving!

Anonymous said...

Never really considered myself one of the masses ;)

Veggie Gnome said...

Food - that should fill you up nicely! :)

Cosmic - nor do I. :)
I was sure somebody would comment on this.