Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Of carrots, onions and leeks

The carrot bed had to be redone. The curtain cover did not work, as the seeds seem to have gone to sleep. So, off with the cover, scatter more Purple Dragon Carrot seeds on to the bed and cover thinly with worm compost. On with the netting, as the chooks were watching me through the fence.
The worm compost was fantastic! Tons of worms in the bag, so now I am thinking how to make a worm farm? The compost came from some roadside shopping we did at Easter. I love roadside shopping. Wish there was more stuff for sale!

The bed on the right hand side had to be cleared, dug over, fed and then mulched. Little rows made into the mulch and onion seedlings planted.

You can't really see them in the picture above. Maybe if you look closely you can see some thin, green thingies.

On with the netting!Over at the leek bed, the leeks are powering along! I planted the same amount again just to the right of them. Let's hope they'll do as well as these!


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

You've been busy, my garden is just sitting there and growing. I need to get out there this weekend and do some weeding while the soil is still soft.

Stewart said...

I'm having possum problems atm so I'm sad to say all my purple dragon carrots tops have been eaten as well as the lettuce.
It'll get too cold to plant carrots here now until August, so it looks like I have to wait until late spring before I get to taste your carrots :(

Veggie Gnome said...

Pip, my garden was neglected for quite a number of weeks. But last weekend was great gardening weather! So that's why I got heaps done. Let's hope you'll get a bit done this weekend.

Stewart, what a bummer! They were doing so well in your garden. Hope you have better luck come spring!