Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's crazy!

3 days ago we were sweltering in the heat. 43C!

Last night it cooled down to 9C outside, the wind was fierce and cold, and we wore jumpers and ugg boots plus wrapped ourselves in our beloved sheep wool blanket* as it went down to about 16C inside.

*Mama Gnome spins our sheep's wool and knits wonderfully warm blankets, hats, gloves, socks, etc.

Tonight it is even colder inside and we had to light our wood fire. Crazy! Especially thinking of the 30-33C days forecast from Friday onwards.


Jen said...

It will be 7 degrees C tonight in Tassie...unseasonally cold, but welcome even here. Rain would be fabulous!

Kel said...

it certainly is! beans gone from sleeping in a nappy only in front of a fan with a damp cloth by his side to long pats and top and a woolen sleeping bag and i went out tonight in kneelength boots, jeans and fully lined woolen coat! what happenned! The fire on!!! that is just ridiculous.