Wednesday, 28 May 2008

We'll be rich!!

Our new tank arrived this morning! (~~Little happy dance~~)

We had put up the earth ring on the weekend. Filled it with 3 tons of dolomite sand and then it was ready.
This morning I covered the sand with malthoid, so that the tank would not interact with the dolomite once it was sitting on it.

Our neighbour came over to help and together with the driver who delivered the tank we rolled the tank from the roadside to the woodshed. Together we were able to lift it on top of the earth ring and adjust it properly.

Ahhh...the beauty of it! Well, we still have to put the gutters on the woodshed and then connect the tank. But we'll get there.

The other big tank, which is the same size (13.500 litres) as this one, is already full. It will overflow after the next rain. Heaven! Ahhhh..... life is good! We feel rich now as we will have water for the veggie and berry garden this summer. Plus we will set some aside for fire fighting.

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