Monday, 12 May 2008

Vampire-free zone

I may have gone overboard with my garlic planting this year. However, we use a lot of it in our cooking so it will not be wasted. There are quite a few patches around the garden where I planted garlic.

This was planted 2 weeks ago. The sticks and stakes are there to protect the beds from some of the wildlife (rabbits, hares, ducks, etc.), the oldest chook in the place (which likes to sneak into the garden to mess up the mulch and dislodge seedlings, etc.) and the neighbours' cats.

This garlic was planted first. I can't remember how long ago that was.

I used garlic from friends' gardens. They supplied very fat cloves and these should yield big heads.

The beds are enriched with horse manure, mushroom compost, compost and a thick layer of pea straw.

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